Edward Diller - Why I Ride?
I started the Long Island Bike Challenge (LIBC) because I wanted to combine two great passions in my life, besides my family;
biking and health. Personally, my family and friends have benefitted from the latest medical research and the outstanding work
done at North Shore- LIJ. It was time for me to give something back to Long Island and all its people. I met the people at the
Feinstein Institute and described my plan to support their efforts. Instantly they were on board and for three years now we
have formed a collaboration. Together we have worked to promote LIBC in order to raise funds for advanced medical research
with the goal being to defeat cancer and disease while doing it right here on Long Island. I hope you join the ride or please
support the riders that undertake the challenge of training for and riding many hours in the heat and humidity to help others.
Thank you!
Why We Ride. Below are some of
the words of LIBC riders who have
chosen to tell their story of why
they are riding in the LIBC. Please
read their stories and generously
support their effor
Mordecai Hering - Why I Ride?
I will be riding in honor of John Waluk who had the pleasure of meeting during last years ride.  I will also
be raising money for cancer research in honor of my Grandmother who lost her battle to cancer.
Dennis Pazos - Why I Ride?
Cancer survivor.    Promote awareness for the need of additional research to combat this disease. Special thanks to Dr.
Lawrence Glassman and he staff at NSLIJ. I am riding for my Dad who passed away from lung cancer.
To support any LIBC rider click Sponsor a Rider
William Fuessler- Why I Ride?
In memoriam for Peter and Marie Corsentino
Pamela Waluk - Why I Ride?
I ride for family and friends who have lost their battle to cancer.
Joseph Szadok - Why I Ride?
I ride for my grandma Rose DeLuca, and Grandpa "Duke" DeLuca. Also for Lt. Col Joseph "Loosh" Lucia (USMC), Maj.
William "Mumbles" Simmons, GySgt Barbara Ritzco (USMC).
Byron Paredes- Why I Ride?
This year I have the honor to be riding for my friend and brother in blue Mark Becker who is fighting this terrible disease as I write this.
the pain i'm going to feel for a couple of days is nothing comparing to the pain he goes through every day. #teammark
Amy Norris Wenzel - Why I Ride?
I am riding in honor of my father and brother, and hoping to cure and prevent these diseases.
Lawrence Lifman - Why I Ride?
I My wife of 26 years Donna Lifman has battled cancer for the last 6 years. She conquered it 5 times. She passed on April 21,
2017. She was a warrior. She raised our 3 beautifuld children Jessica, Zachary, and Matthew. She also was a special ed
teacher who would continually go back to work as this was her passion. She ran 1/2 a marathon right after being told she
was in remission. She was a mother, a wife, and still a teacher teaching me to stay strong.
Ed Langone - Why I Ride?
I'm riding in honor of my friend Donna A., who this month will be celebrating 5 years of being cancer free, and in memory of
many other family and friends I have lost to this terrible disease.
Dr. Joseph Mills - Why I ride?
I am riding in memory of Marie and Peter Corsentino and Faith Gatley.
Dave Klosner - Why I Ride?
Riding for A Cure for Diabetes. In Memory of Dorothy Klosner
Kim Norris - Why I Ride?
I am riding in memory of my brother and all my friends and relatives who have suffered the scurge of
cancer. Some lived to tell about it; most did not. Cancer CANNOT win
Danny Ehrenreich - Why I Ride?
I am riding in support of my father who is cancer free for the past year and hasnt given up fighting and
for anyone else fighting this horrible sickness stay strong live on god
Philip Cicero - Why I Ride?
Daniel K. Provencher- Why I Ride?
Riding is something I have always been doing, I have lost one of the most important person I have every know, Robert Guralnik.
Diane Leo - Why I Ride?
I am riding for Thelma Golon who passed away from Melanoma- I love and miss you, Mom!
Elaine and Vincent Graziano- Why I Ride?
I ride in honor of my 3 nieces who have been victims of breast cancer, I ride for my friend Debbie, I ride for my
neighbors Linda, Dottie and Rosemary and my neighbor Mary who has recently passed from  this dreadful thing
called Cancer
Kevin Porchia I am riding for my Dad who passed away from lung cancer.
Dana Getz - Why I Ride
Breast Cancer Survivor who was treated at NSLIJ.  Thank you to my loving husband and teammate, Chet,
for his unrelenting support.
Mitch Smith - Why I Ride?
I am riding for my sister Donna who has been bravely fighting cancer for six years, she is my oak tree bending but refusing to
break! I'm also riding for our DAD who fell to primary liver cancer 7 years ago. Cancer Sucks!! My sister Donna passed away at her
home on Friday 4-21-17. We now ride to Honor her memory, " Rest In Peace "
Alberto Bodhert - Why I Ride?
In honor of FAY MARIE DE CLARO (1983-2016) and AUDREY HAILEY GARCIA (2014-2017)
Anthony Bellamente - Why I Ride?
Riding for Emma Cook, Jamie Hayes, Eve Ernandis, and Dave Patel. All who have one form of Cancer or
Juliet Daversa - Why I Ride?
Al Rotino
Dawn Balvin - Why I Ride?
I am a survivoir of Breast Cancer
R. Daniel Burt - Why I Ride?
My wife is a survivor of Breast Cancer
Lisa Daversa - Why I Ride?
Al Rotino
Richard Sensale - Why I Ride?
I'll be riding for 2 amazing people that made a very positive impact on me, my poppie and my Aunt Donna.
Noel Daversa - Why I Ride?
Al Rotino
Lyndon Espiritu- Why I Ride?
I am riding in honor of my father Rodolfo Espiritu who died from pancreatic cancer.
Jessica Kelly - Why I Ride?
I am riding for my mother, Donna Lifman.
Tom Kelly - Why I Ride?
I am riding for my mother-in-law, Donna Lifman.
Rockwell Fransen- Why I Ride?
Riding for Ema who is currently kicking cancer's ass.  For Pop, who fought hard and lived strong.  For
numerous other family and friends resting and fighting.
Daniel Fram- Why I Ride?
I am riding in honor of my sister, Linda, who passed away from ovarian cancer.
My dad, he passed away due to illness from cancer. His repeated  saying that time was that &quote;America ( US ) will one day
find the cure for cancer&quote;. I am riding in honor of him  and doing my share.