Long Island Bike Challenge

The goal of the Long Island Bike Challenge (LIBC) is to raise money to defeat cancer, melanoma and related afflictions.

As a participant in LIBC it is up to you to ASK family, friends, work colleagues and interested persons to contribute in support of the challenge you are undertaking. To assist with
your fundraising efforts understand that virtually every person in the United States is either diagnosed with cancer, melanoma, and related serious afflictions.  LIBC cyclists will
raise crucial funds that will improve the lives of patients and their families. LIBC is meant to be a serious challenge for participants. Those willing to accept this challenge are
empowered to ask friends, families and colleagues for their support. As an event participant riding is a way for the healthy to fight for the ill, and for all of us to invest in the
future cure.

2017 Fundraising Minimums:
Each rider is ASKED to raise a $500. Last year the average donation was $50. Of course there is no maximum. These funds enable physicians and scientists, right here on Long
Island to pursue innovative research that benefits all of us! As a dedicated event participant you are an integral part of this effort. COMMIT to the ride -  COMMIT to raising the
money as well!

Event participants have successfully raised $100,000 since 2012.

Fundraising Letters & Emails  
Your fundraising campaign may consist of letters you send in the mail and/or by email. Your letter should grab the reader’s attention plus give the donor information on LIBC and
how to donate.

Fundraising Letter Guidelines
•      Be yourself: use your own voice and style, be personal and passionate.
•      Grab the reader’s attention: use their name in the salutation. Make donors believe they are making a difference, being part of something big.
•      Remember your sponsors can easily give online by clicking the donate button on the
DONATE page.
•      Inform your sponsors to make checks payable to "The Long Island Bike Challenge".

Other Fundraising Tips
Facebook is a great way to ask all of your contacts to sponsor your efforts. Please make sure that your sponsors donate directly to your efforts by linking them to
donate to the long island bike challenge  www.lichallenge.org/donate.

Use Corporate Matches and Double your Donations
Many companies will match their employee’s charitable donations. Ask your sponsors to check with their HR department.
Check to see if your employer will match your donation!!

Use the Trickle Down Effect of Fundraising
Ask your sponsors if they will join you in your fundraising efforts by asking their friends, families and companies to support your ride.
•      Are you riding in honor of a person who is battling cancer? Ask if they would like to join you in your fundraising endeavors by sending out letters to their family and friends.
•      Are you riding in memory of a person who has lost their battle with cancer? Ask their family and friends if they would like to join you in your fundraising endeavors by sending
letters to their friends and family.